Pahkahmah Thailand creates a variety of products from Thai Fabrics to respond to the needs and usages of every age group and for every occasion. We gather all Thai fabrics to add the value, modern and contemporary design into the products with quality production processes that present only the best for our clients.  We are really proud to promote Thai fabrics to around the world, so that they can be recognized and we believe that everyone will enjoy and passionate in our contemporary products.

Thai Loincloth made from “cotton” fabricated with luum & handcraft by Thai people for various purposes .

Rectangular grid pattern fabrics, vibrant colors are popular. Woven cotton or silk. Thai fabrics known as loincloth and commonly used as a versatile fabric since ancient times. Although it has been declining popularity loincloth. But that reflects a unique way. The original village is also a story that is paired with Always been a loincloth.

Loincloth was used since the reign of Chiang Saen. As shown in the architecture wall where Phumin Nan and Thais in Ayutthaya is commonly used across the shoulder belt and a towel to wrap arms cargo floor bed wear a bath towel body into the fabric. the versatile multi-purpose use.
The costume is a pair of Thai people in all ages. The most common use of a particular country. The loincloth is not the history of Thai silk. The long period over the past 900 years as a cotton loincloth is not reporting the real goodies purpose. Because at least with the look and design that have evolved continuously. Which combines both art and science of color patterns in Thai combine harmoniously.

Do you know ? Thai people used the “PHA-KAAO-MAR” for ?for used to bath towel (like a “sarong”)for extended in garden when your picnic for swab your sweat for used to band , for baby hammock , for band give to belt , for band give to belt , for gift wrap , for loincloth when relax at home , for change dress , for give to pillow , for shadow sunshade , for wipe clean item , for used to bandage , for used to apron ,for used to pinafore , for used to towel feet (be done for) ETC.


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